Various troubles, such as short distances and slices can be improved by our club fitting.

Measure your head speed
We will help you to try out many clubs when selecting the “hardness of the shaft,” “condition of the shaft,” “loft angle,” etc. and to help you in analyzing how easy it is for the ball to rise. We can help you in selecting a suitable club.

Yonex "REXIS Shaft" Matrix Table

Characteristics of each shaft (design intent)
  • KAIZA L:
    High rigidity at the grip part and low rigidity at the tip part. The initial speed rises as tip moves, sending the ball flying on a high trajectory. It is a flying/striking type shaft.
  • KAIZA D:
    The rigidity at the grip is the highest in the KAIZA series. The tip accelerates at impact and offers ideal amount of friction. This shaft sends the ball flying with its hydro-type characteristics.
  • KAIZA M:
    There is no extremely soft part, and it is an adaptable shaft which is easy to swing. This is the default shaft which is used for fitting for first time.
  • KAIZA M2:
    This shaft with high rigidity at the tip, excellent directionality when impact, and springiness. As well as excellent compatibility with the longitudinal polishing of the EZONE GT.
  • KAIZA Light3X:
    A light, easy-swinging shaft with a rising head speed which makes it easy to send the ball upward. Long distance is easier to reach due to the Namd effect. It is tough despite being light, and possesses excellent directionality with little bend on impact. It can be used by a wide range users. 
  • KAIZA H:
    Low rigidity at the grip and high rigidity in the middle part. The structure builds up a moment throughout the swing and make it easier to aim. It is a striking type shaft with a powerful trajectory.
  • KAIZA:
    Low rigidity at the grip and very high rigidity at the tip (the smallest difference in rigidity) keep this shaft from curving inwards and help it obtain a strong trajectory (good for those with a duck hook)

The flow of a club fitting

  • 1.We will help the customers to select a suitable club under their requests.
    We will also give advises to the beginners. When you hold your own club, we will be able to help you in conducting a more effective fitting. We also have a wide range of clubs to use in the trial shot, so please feel free to visit our shop.
  • 2.You can make a trial swing with a golf simulator when using your own club. You can also borrow our club to produce a similar sensation of a real round and measure the trajectory and numerical values.
    You can get detailed analysis of your swing by using a simulator (Trackman).
  • 3.While looking at your swing data, we will introduce you the most appropriate head and shaft type, hardness, weight, etc. Through the fitting, we will propose a club setting which is most appropriate for you.
  • ・Both Trackman and the trial shot room are free of charge.
    Depending on the state of congestion in the shop, we might not be able to attend to you immediately, so it would be more convenient for you to make a reservation in advance. Please make a reservation by phone or at the shop.

We will help you in choosing a suitable club even if you are a beginner.
Please ask us anything.

With extensive knowledge of the products, our staff will give you advices on clubs which match your swing style. We also provide a wide range of clubs which are used for trial shots.

Customers can try all clubs, including popular models such as “Royal EZONE” and “EZONE GT,” and buy them on the spot.

We exhibit and sell a wide range of YONEX products, including socks and gloves.
We also carry out maintenance, etc.


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