We want to protect your knees from impact.

In just 30 minutes of running, your feet land on the ground about 5,000 times. The impact on your knees is said to be at least three times your body weight. To minimize the risk of injury and continue running comfortably, it is important to select shoes that fit your purpose and body, such as the intensity of exercise, muscle strength, body type, and so on.

By adding a special elastic resin to power cushion, higher shock absorption is achieved. Power cushion protect our knees.
Equipped with “Power Cushion® Plus”Please try out YONEX running shoes at the shop.

Shoe-fitters (including those who possess advanced qualifications) use 3D footprint measurement machines and sole pressure measurement devices to advise and help customers to choose a pair of suitable shoes.

[Information regarding visiting the shop]
It will be terrible if your desired products are not in stock when you visit our shop, so if you have a desired product, please call us in advance.
If you don’t have a desired product, we will listen to your requests at the shop when conducting a fitting, so please feel free to visit our shop.


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