What is a shoe fitting?

Shoes that fit your feet helping you walk easily, and fun walking leads to good health.
Shoes that do not fit your feet become burdens on your body and lead to unexpected injuries…
To have fun and be healthy when walking, it is important to select and fit shoes that are right for your feet.
Like faces, different people have different kinds of feet. Professionals will help customers to choose a pair of suitable shoes.

[Opinions of customers who have experienced this service]

  • ・My gait is lighter when I wear shoes that fit my feet.
  • ・My big toes always touch my shoes, so I thought I could only wear wide shoes, but I learned that there are shoes that fit me even if they are not wide.
  • ・I now have a bigger selection of shoes to choose from.
  • ・Even for the shoes that I’d been wearing up till now, when I had the staff conduct a fitting using the correct way to tie shoelaces, it became even easier to walk in them.
  • ・YONEX shoes come in a wide variety. I was able to try on many shoes and choose comfortable shoes that I was satisfied with.

Shoe-fitters (including those who possess advanced qualifications) use 3D footprint measurement machines and sole pressure measurement devices to advise and help customers to choose a pair of suitable shoes.

Introduction to a space where customers can experience various road environments when they are trying on the shoes

[Information regarding visiting the shop]
It will be terrible if your desired products are not in stock when you visit our shop, so if you have a desired product, please call us in advance.
If you don’t have a desired product, we will listen to your requests at the shop when conducting a fitting, so please feel free to visit our shop.


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