The latest models are available in store.
Utilizing our 3D foot scanner to measure your feet free of charge, we’ll find the best fitting shoes for your activities.

Lightweight and Fatigue Reducing.

Shock absorption with an additional bounce to your step, see how YONEX’s original shock absorbing Power Cushion® keeps you light on your feet and reduces your fatigue.

Please feel free to try Yonex Walking Shoes equipped with Power Cushion® or Power Cushion® Plus at the Showroom.

[Regarding Store Visits]
When you have the chance to come to the showroom, it wouldn’t do to not have your shoes in stock. Please call in advance if you have a product in mind for availability. If you don’t particularly have shoes in mind, we’ll help provide suggestions while we listen to your requests, so please feel free to come by the store.

Custom Order Men’s Business Shoes: MB-ROYAL JP

These custom order men’s business shoes allow you to customize the foot length and width for the left and right feet, as well as the stiffness of the Power Cushion insole.
Through reservation, a specialized shoe fitter will assist you through the process.


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